Warehouses at the river.

16th IEEE European Test Symposium
May 23-27, 2011

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ETS'11 has agreements with 4 hotels in Trondheim. You may book accommodation on any of these hotels when you register for the event. If you want to organise otherwise you select no accommodation. The price should be affordable, and it is based on payment as you leave. No prepayment. On registration you need to provide a credit-card as a guarantee for now-show.

The available hotels with prices in NOK per night, including breakfast are:

Hotel   Single   Double        (ca EUR)

Britannia Hotel

  1.225   1.525   (153/191)

P-Hotels Trondheim

  695   795   (89/99)

Quality Hotel Augustin

  1.000   1.156   (125/145)

Thon Hotel Trondheim

  810   1.075   (101/134)

The reception Monday evening and the social dinner Thursday evening will take place in Britannia Hotel.

Check the map for distances. Depending on the weather the walk from the hotel to the university may be a nice morning walk. There will be busses each morning from the hotels to the university if you pefer that option.

The afternoon return to the hotel is open. We do not set up chartered buses. You may walk or go by public transport. There is approximately 10 busses each hour towards the city centre. (7 minutes, 30 NOK). Taxi is also available, but must be booked by telephone, SMS or via internet.

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