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16th IEEE European Test Symposium
May 23-27, 2011

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Camera ready instructions

Regular papers and Poster papers

IEEE Computer Society Press has changed their procedure for transferrial of copyright and submitting the final paper.

All accepted papers have been uploaded and the ETS 2011 Author Kit is now closed.

The Author Kit contains the links to PDF eXpress, Copyright transferral form, and Final paper upload. THis implies that you do not have to send a separate copyright transfer form to the local Proceedings Chair.

You shall not use mole systems for your camera ready paper.

PDF eXpress is set up for the conference, but for the first period you may experience that it is not available. You may still continue and submit your paper. Siting Randall S. Bilof, IEEE Computer Society Production Editor:

Meanwhile, if PDF eXpress is not active we request that authors go ahead and submit their papers. Note that PDF eXpress is not a submission site; authors may submit their papers without using PDF eXpress. Submitting a paper without using PDF eXpress will not compromise the paper; all papers are checked and verified on our end. Authors will be notified if we find a problem with their paper.

Informal papers

These are the Workshop papers and the Vendor session papers that the authors want to include in the Informal Proceedings. Please follow the guidelines given below:

  1. Authors are encouraged to use the IEEE template in A4 format.
  2. We recommend that your settings for the PDF distiller comply with the rules for the IEEE sponsored conference Proceedings (two-columns format), but we do not require it. However, the file should at least have embedded fonts to ease reading and printing of the paper.
  3. The camera-ready version of the paper must be submitted by 1st April via the electronic submission system at http://www.molesystems.com/welcome/tttc/ETS/2011/.

Presentation slides

To ensure a smooth flow of presentations at the symposiums, the presentation files must be uploaded in advance via the electronic submission system at preseria.com. Each presenter will receive a personal mail with a link. The deadline is 18th May.

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