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16th IEEE European Test Symposium
May 23-27, 2011

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Wireless access on the NTNU campus


NTNU is a member of eduroam Right.

Most European universities are a member of eduroam, but many have not informed their faculty. If you do not know if your university is a member you should check with your local IT-department. If your institution is a member you should set up your laptop / palmtop / cellphone for eduroam before leaving for ETS-2011. You will then get automatic access to the wireless network at NTNU.

Many North American and Asia/Pacific universities and organisations are also members of eduroam and the number is growing fast.

Information Right provided by the IT department at NTNU on setting up your wireless card for eduroam. This is only applicable if your institution is a member. Change "username@ntnu.no" with "username@your_institution". This is a "username"@"affiliation", not an e-mail.


If you are not able to use eduroam you may use the wireless network ntnuguest. To use this network, first connect to it, then open a web browser and enter your e-mail address in the page which should be presented to you.

Links to local IT-info

Wireless access in the city centre

Most parts of the city centre are covered by Trådløse Trondheim Right (Wireless Trondheim). Users with access to eduroam may use their net free of charge. Others may access the network at a charge.

There is probably also a wireless network in your hotel.

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