Workshop Venue

ETW'01 will take place at Saltsjöbaden, Vår gård conference hotel. Vår Gård is situated at Baggensfjärden, Saltsjöbaden, just thirty minutes from centrum Stockholm, on one of the most beautiful island settings in the world.

At the end of the nineteen century, art patrons Ernest and Arthur Thiel each built a summer villa at Saltsjöbaden and called this area Vår gård. In 1924 the Swedish Cooperative Union and Wholesale Society bought the villas and converted it into an excellent and inspirational facility for training and educational programs. You will be taken good care of and will enjoy excellent food, good wines and beautiful sea views over Baggensfjärden.

Vår gård is easily accessible from Stockholm city center by a commuter train (called Saltsjöbana) and the journey takes approx. 30 minutes. Detailed description can be found under the section "How to get there?"

Vår gård Kursgården AB
Ringvägen 6
SE-133 80 Saltsjöbaden
Tel: +46-8-748 77 00
Fax: +46-8-748 77 90

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