Camera-Ready Submission

Papers accepted for Formal Proceedings

Below you find the instructions to submit your camera-ready version. In the case of questions or problems please contact the Publication Chair.

Paper Format:

  • The maximum length of the camera-ready manuscript depends on the category:
    • Scientific papers for Oral Presentation – 6 pages
    • Scientific papers for Poster Presentation – 2 pages
    • Case-Study papers – 4 pages
    • Hot-Topic papers – 4 pages
    • Special Session and Embedded Tutorial papers (approved by the Special Session & Embedded Tutorial Chairs) – 10 pages
    • Panel papers (approved by the Panel Chairs) – 1 page
  • Paper must be in the IEEE proceedings two-column format (A4 size). You can find
    here the templates provided by IEEE. Prior to submission, check if your PDF satisfies the A4 format (11.69×8.27in). In Adobe Reader you can check this by clicking on file->properties and look for page size in the Description tab.
  • Important! Do not include page numbers in your paper, a copyright footer information or any other headers or footers.
  • The deadline for camera ready and copyright form upload is March 15th, 2021. You can find more instructions on this next.

PDF Check and Upload:

  • Use IEEE PDF eXpress tools to check for PDF compatibility and for papers upload
  • The PDF eXpress site can be accessed here, the Conference ID is 50041X. Please make an account if needed.
  • Once the paper has been checked (you will be notified by an email), please access again PDF eXpress and click on the “Approve” icon on the right side in the “Action” column.
  • Be careful: without clicking on “Approve”, the Publication Chair will not receive your PDF file.
  • If you are having problems using PDF Express, please contact the Publication Chair.

Copyright Form:

Please fill the following fields for the IEEE eCopyright form and follow the instructions given in the next pages.

Paper Title:
Contact Author’s Email:
Copyright type:
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All authors are employed by the US government
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