1st International Test Access, Automation and Adoption Workshop

Friday, May 28th 2021


Start (CAL TIME) Start (NY TIME) Start (EU TIME) Finish Duration Q&A    
8:00 11:00 17:00 17:20 0:20   Siva & Michele Welcome + Program Overview
8:20 11:20 17:20 17:50 0:20 0:10 Brad Van Treuren Keynote : A Trip Down Memory Lane: Ups, Downs and Workarounds of a Test Engineer
8:50 11:50 17:50 18:10 0:15 0:05 Jeff Rearick Update on P1687.1
9:10 12:10 18:10 18:30 0:15 0:05 Brad Van Treuren Update on P2654
9:30 12:30 18:30 18:40 0:10     Coffee Break
9:40 12:40 18:40 19:10 0:20 0:10 Yervant Zorian Keynote: A perspective on 1500 History
10:10 13:10 19:10 19:30 0:15 0:05 Mike Ricchetti Update on 1500
10:30 13:30 19:30 19:50 0:15 0:05 Bala Tarun Nelapatla, Adam Cron End-to-End Automation with Robust, Standards-Based Access
10:50 13:50 19:50 20:10 0:15 0:05 Dan Alexandrescu P8251 – Exchange/Interoperability Format for Safety Analysis and Safety Verification of IP, SoC and Mixed Signal ICs
11:10 14:10 20:10 20:20 0:10     Closing Remarks

Scope and Mission

The 1st International Test Access, Automation and Adoption (TAAA) aims to be a focused and open platform dedicated for exchanging insights on the three A’s: Access, Automation and Adoption. The scope of the workshop is to address challenges on the path from pure research-oriented works to solutions that can be practically applicable in industry. The areas of interest include (but are not limited to) various aspects in relation to test access, automation and adoption in respect to existing standards, like IEEE Std. 1149.x, 1500, 1581, 1687, and 1838, and to on-going standardisation work, like P1687.1 , P2654 , P2929, P1149.4, P1450, P1450.1, P1450.6.

Format of the Workshop

The workshop is co-located with ETS’2021 and will as ETS’21 be arranged as a virtual event composed of live-sessions. The workshop will be scheduled for compatibility for both Europe and US-based attendees. The program will be composed of a mix of regular presentations, posters, embedded tutorials, keynotes, and special sessions. The format of the workshop will encourage discussions, brainstorming and networking.


The organizers invite new (unpublished) work within the scope of the workshop. Paper submissions are welcome as an extended abstract of 1-2 pages, to be mailed to the organizers. A submission will be considered as the commitment that upon acceptance the author(s) will present the submission at the workshop.

Informal Proceedings

The workshop distributes manuscripts and slideware only to attendees after the workshop. No author is obligated to have his or her contribution included in these informal proceedings. A paper manuscript may be a revised extended abstract or in common IEEE 2-column format up to 6 pages.

For further information, contact the:

Key Dates

  • Submission deadline: April 15th
  • Notification of acceptance: May 1st
  • Camera ready slideware: May 24th
  • Camera ready paper (optional): May 30th