ETS2 special track

As in 2014 and 2015 we will organize special Emerging Test Strategy (ETS2) sessions. These sessions run in parallel with the regular ETS program and have a very high industrial character. Industry experts will introduce and discuss emerging technical issues in the broad area of test. The format of the sessions is informal, which is reflected in the fact that only abstracts have to be issued, in the agenda, in the presentations, and in the timing of the workshop. Most important are the discussions, y/n deep technical, in conjunction with the presentations. We plan to reserve about 50% of the time for discussions, where the presentations are to be seen as introductions to a specific topic. Given the informal character, even the final agenda will only be a guideline, even more than in 2015. Further, there will be no need to issue a final paper nor will there be formal publication in the ETS digest. Based on the received abstracts and suggestions we will define the final program. You will be informed in time if you are selected to present. 


For this ETS2 session we specifically invite industry leaders/experts to issue their suggestions for one or more topics to discuss, which they themselves will introduce by a (short) presentation. Presenting a solution for a problem makes sense, but maybe even more interesting is presenting a problem for which a solution is yet unclear. Topics include all those well-known, and those not yet known, in the broad area of test and may range from DfT to Adaptive Test, from fabless/foundry support models to data mining in the cloud and from 3D-IC testing to Test efficiency improvements.


Submission deadline: January 30, 2016
Notification of acceptance: you will be contacted in the course of February/March 2016

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