10th European Test Symposium

Reval Hotel Olümpia, Tallinn, Estonia
May 22-25, 2005

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Sunday, May 22
Tutorials Registration at Tallinn University of Technology
TTEP Tutorials at Tallinn University of Technology
  Tutorial 1: System-on-Chip: Embedded Test in Practice
Y. ZORIAN (Virage Logic – USA)
  Tutorial 2: Design-for-Test of Analog and Mixed-Signal Integrated Circuits
TTEP Tutorials at Tallinn University of Technology
  Tutorial 1: System-on-Chip: Embedded Test in Practice
Y. ZORIAN (Virage Logic – USA)
  Tutorial 2: Design-for-Test of Analog and Mixed-Signal Integrated Circuits
Symposium Registration
19:00- ...
Reception at the Historic Tallinn Town Hall
Monday, May 23
Symposium Registration
Plenary Session
Room Alfa
R. UBAR (Tallinn University of Technology – Estonia)
P. PRINETTO (Politecnico di Torino – Italy)) [Slides]
  Symposium Program
M. RENOVELL (LIRMM – France) [Slides]
State as Information System - Can Policymakers Learn from Error Signals?
R. MALMSTEIN (Government Counsellor – Estonia) [Slides]
  Test and Reliability in Automotive Microelectronics
P. van STAA (Robert Bosch GmbH – Germany) [Slides]
Defects and New Failure Mechanisms: "To Test or not to Test"
J. FIGUERAS (Universitat Politenica de Catalunya - Spain) [Slides]
Organizational Issues
J. RAIK (Tallinn University of Technology – Estonia) [Slides]
PhD Forum

On the High-Level Test Patterns Generation Problem
C. MARCONCINI (University of Verona - Italy) [Paper] [Poster]

  The Implementation of a Dong's Code Protected Multiplier
M. MARSHALL (University of Newcastle Upon Tyne – UK) [Paper]
  System Behavior Analysis of Smart Cards Based on High Level Fault Injection
K. ROTHBART, R. WEISS (Graz University of Technology – Austria) [Paper] [Poster]
Poster Session 1
  Fault Detection for the Elliptic Filter
L. MIRONOVSKY, X. PETROVA (St. Petersburg State University of Airspace Instrumentation – Russia) [Paper]
  Programmable RF Attenuator for On-Chip Loopback Test
T. KANTASUWAN, R. RAMZAN, J. DABROWSKI (Linköping University – Sweden) [Paper]
  Selection of Diagnosis Variables for Single Fault Diagnosis in Linear Circuits
J. A. SOARES AUGUSTO (University of Lisbon – Portugal) [Paper]
  Transient Functional Test of Analogue Circuits
S. MOSIN (Vladimir State University – Russia) [Paper]
  On the Application of the Oscillation-based Test in High-order Ladder Filters
G. PERETTI, E. ROMERO (Universidad Tecnológica Nacional – Argentine), G.HUERTAS, D. VAZQUEZ, J. L HUERTAS (IMSE-CNM – Spain) [Paper]
  Efficient Analog Fault Simulation in AC Circuits
T. VEIGA, C. B. ALMEIDA, J. S. AUGUSTO (University of Lisboa – Portugal) [Paper]
  A System for Determining the Impact of Mechanical Stress on the Reliability of MEMS
M. DOELLE, S. SPINNER, P. RUTHER, I. POLIAN, O. PAUL, B. BECKER (Albert-Ludwigs-University of Freiburg – Germany) [Paper]
Session 2


Formal Session 2.a: SOC Testing
Room Alfa
  Moderators: T. W. WILLIAMS (Synopsys – USA), K. CHAKRABARTY (Duke University – USA)
  Energy Minimization for Hybrid BIST in a System-on-Chip Test Environment
G. JERVAN (Linköping University - Sweden), R. J. UBAR, T. SHCHENOVA (Tallinn University of Technology - Estonia), Z. PENG (Linköping University - Sweden) [Paper] [Slides]
  Test Scheduling for Modular SOCs in an Abort-on-Fail Environment
U. INGELSSON (Linköping University - Sweden), S. GOEL (Philips Research – The Netherlands), E. LARSSON (Linköping University – Sweden), E. J. MARINISSEN (Philips Research Laboratories – The Netherlands) [Paper] [Slides]
  A New SoC Test Architecture with RF/Wireless Connectivity
D. ZHAO (University of Louisiana at Lafayette - USA), S. UPADHYAYA (State University of New York at Buffalo - USA), M. MARGALA (University of Rochester - USA) [Paper]
Formal Session 2.b: Advances in Fault and Defect Model
Room Omega
  Moderators: A. SINGH (Auburn University – USA) , R. AITKEN (Artisan Components – USA)
  An Unified Fault Model and Test Generation Procedure for Interconnect Opens and Bridges
S. REDDY (University of Iowa – USA), G. CHEN, J. RAJSKI (Mentor Graphics – USA), I. POMERANZ (Purdue University – USA), P. ENGELKE, B. BECKER (University of Freiburg – Germany) [Paper] [Slides]
  Defective Behaviours of Resistive Opens in Interconnect Lines
D. ARUMI DELGADO, R. RODRÍGUEZ-MONTAÑÉS, J. FIGUERAS (Universitat Politenica de Catalunya - Spain) [Paper] [Slides]
  Testing of Resistive Opens in CMOS Latches and Flip-flops
A. ZENTENO, V. CHAMPAC, J.L. GARCIA (National Institute for Astrophysics, Optics and Electronics - Mexico) [Paper] [Slides]
Session 3


Formal Session 3.a: Advanced Test Generation Issues
Room Alfa
  Moderators: S. HELLEBRAND (University of Paderborn – Germany), I. POLIAN (Albert-Ludwigs-University of Freiburg – Germany)
  Using Dummy Bridging Faults to Define a Reduced Set of Target Faults
I. POMERANZ (Purdue University - USA), S. REDDY (University of Iowa - USA) [Paper] [Slides]
  Acceleration of Transition Test Generation for Acyclic Sequential Circuits Utilizing Constrained Combinational Stuck-at Test Generation
T. IWAGAKI, S. OHTAKE, H. FUJIWARA (Nara Institute of Science and Technology - Japan) [Paper] [Slides]
  Path-Oriented Transition Fault Test Generation Considering Operating Conditions
B. SESHADRI (Purdue University - USA), I. POMERANZ (Purdue University - USA), S. REDDY (University of Iowa - USA), S. KUNDU (University of Massachusetts - USA) [Paper] [Slides]


Formal Session 3.b: On-line and BIST Techniques for MEMS
Room Omega
  Moderators: P. TEIXEIRA (IST/INESC – Portugal), J. TYSZER (Poznan University of Technology – Poland)
  Towards On-Line Testing Of MEMS Using Electro-Thermal Excitation
F. AZAIS, F. MAILLY, N. DUMAS, L. LATORRE, P. NOUET (LIRMM - CNRS / University Montpellier 2 – France) [Paper]
  Evaluation of Impulse Response-Based BIST Techniques for MEMS in the Presence of Weak Nonlinearities
A. DHAYNI, S. MIR, L. RUFER (RMS Group - TIMA Laboratory – INPG – France) [Paper] [Slides]
  Bias Superposition – On-line Testing of Sensors and Circuits
C. JEFFREY, Z. XU, A. RICHARDSON (Lancaster University - UK) [Paper] [Slides]
Poster Session 2
  A Family of Logical Fault Models for Reversible Circuits
I. POLIAN (Albert-Ludwigs-University of Freiburg – Germany), J. HAYES (University of Michigan – USA), T. FIEHN, B. BECKER (Albert-Ludwigs-University of Freiburg – Germany) [Paper]
  Is Divergence at Fault Site a Necessary Condition for Fault Detection?
S. KUNDU (University of Massachusetts – USA) [Paper]
  PASSAT: Efficient SAT-based Test Pattern Generation for Industrial Circuits
J. SHI, G. FEY, R. DRECHSLER (University of Bremen – Germany), A. GLOWATZ, F. HAPKE, J. SCHLÖFFEL (Philips Semiconductors GmbH – Germany) [Paper]
  On the Extraction of a Minimum Cube to Justify Signal Line Values
K. MIYASE, S. NAGAYAMA, S. KAJIHARA, X. WEN (Kyushu Institute of Technology – Japan), S. REDDY (University of Iowa – USA) [Paper]
  Controller-Aware Hierarchical Test Generation and Testability Analysis
M. HOSSEINABADY, P. LOTFI-KAMRAN, Z. NAVABI (University of Tehran – Iran) [Paper]
  High-performance Deductive Fault Simulation Method
V. HAHANOV, I. HAHANOVA, V. OBRIZAN (Kharkiv National University of Radioelectronics – Ukraine) [Paper]
  An Efficient RTL Observability Evaluation and Vector Generation Method
W. LU, T. LV, X. TAO YANG, X. WEI LI (Institute of Computing Technoloty, CAS – China) [Paper]
  Theoretical Fundamentals of Functional Verification Based on Random Testbenches
I. UGARTE, P. SANCHEZ (University of Cantabria – Spain) [Paper]
  A CLB Architecture for Online Correction of SEU-based Errors in LUTs of SRAM-based FPGAs
E. SYAM SUNDAR REDDY, V. CHANDRASEKHAR, M. SASHIKANTH, V. KAMAKOTI (Indian Institute of Technology, Madras – India), N. VIJAYKRISHNAN (Pennsylvania State University – USA) [Paper]
  Efficient Methodology for Detection and Correction of SEU-based Interconnect Errors in FPGAs using Partial Reconfiguration
E. SYAM SUNDAR REDDY, V. CHANDRASEKHAR, M. SASHIKANTH, V. KAMAKOTI (Indian Institute of Technology, Madras – India), N. VIJAYKRISHNAN (Pennsylvania State University – USA) [Paper]
Session 4


Formal Session 4.a: Low Cost Testing for Advanced Analog Circuits
Room Alfa
  Moderators: J.L. HUERTAS (Universidad De Sevilla – Spain), G. GRONTHOUD (Phlips Research – The Netherlands)
  Evaluation of Signature-Based Testing of RF/Analog Circuits
A. C ZJAJO, J. PINEDA DE GYVEZ (Philips Research – The Netherlands) [Paper] [Slides]
  Accurate Measurement of Multi-Tone Power Ratio (MTPR) of ADSL Devices using Low Cost Testers
G. SRINIVASAN (Georgia Institute of Technology - USA), S. CHERUBAL, P. VARIYAM, M. TEKLU, C.-P. WANG, D. GUIDRY (Texas Instruments - USA), A. CHATTERJEE (Georgia Institute of Technology - USA) [Paper] [Slides]


Informal Session 4.b: Effective Test Generation and Optimization
Room Omega
  Moderators: A. CHATTERJEE (Georgia Institute of Technology – USA), M. LUBASZEWSKI (Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul – Brazil)
  An Advanced ATPG flow for complex SoC design with PLL based scan test
V. VORISEK, H. LANG, (Freescale Semiconductor – Germany) [Paper] [Slides]
  Single and Multi-Bit Sigma-Delta Based Analogue Signal Generation
T. O'SHEA, I. GROUT (University of Limerick - Ireland) [Paper] [Slides]
  Test Process Efficiency Analysis with Basic Quality Data
J. ANTILA (Nokia Networks – Finland), M. MOILANEN (University of Oulu – Finland) [Paper] [Slides]
Evening Panel 1a:
Nanoscale Technology - Is There A Change Of Paradigms In Testing ?
Room Omega

We expect higher density, higher functionality and even higher speed from nanoscale technology, but it is paid by less reliability of the components and larger variations of the devices. Robust designs and hardware-based fault-tolerance seem to be the way out followed by the design community, but what is the way test has to go?

  Moderator: R. AITKEN (Artisan Components – USA)
Organizer: H.-J. WUNDERLICH (University of Stuttgart – Germany)

B. BECKER (Albert-Ludwigs-University of Freiburg – Germany) [Slides]
A. CHATTERJEE (Georgia Institute of Technology – USA) [Slides]
J. FIGUERAS (Universitat Politenica de Catalunya – Spain) [Slides]
C. HAWKINS (University of New Mexico – USA) [Slides]
L. HUISMAN (IBM – USA) [Slides]
Evening Panel 1b:
Microelectronics And Test in New Europe : Challenges and Opportunities in Research and Industry
Room Alfa

For nearly 15 years, the international research community has bee united again, but still the research conditions a rather diverse all over Europe. This panel will discuss the new situations in the various countries, in industry and academia. It targets a better mutual understanding and a basis for improved collaboration within the European Union and across the borders.

  Moderator: E.J. MARINISSEN (Philips Research – The Netherlands)Organizers: H.-J. WUNDERLICH (University of Stuttgart – Germany), R. UBAR (Tallinn University of Technology – Estonia)

V. HAHANOV (Kharkov National University of Radioelectronics – Ukraine) [Slides]
M. KARAVAY (Institute of Control Sciences – Russia) [Slides]
O. NOVAK (TU of Liberec – Czech Republic) [Slides]
T. PIHL (Archimedes Foundation – Estonia) [Slides]
G. POOLA (Artec Design – Estonia)
J. RAJSKI (Mentor Graphics – USA)
M. ROELOFS (Philips Research Laboratories – The Netherlands) [Slides]
K. VARDANIAN (Yerevan Academy of Sciences – Armenia) [Slides]
Y. ZORIAN (Virage Logic – USA)
Tuesday, May 24
Session 5


Formal Session 5.a: Defect and Dynamic Fault Testing
Room Alfa
  Moderators: S. REDDY (University of Iowa – USA), J. RAJSKI (Mentor Graphics – USA)
  DOT: New Deterministic Defect-Oriented ATPG Tool
J. RAIK, R. J. UBAR (Tallinn University of Technology – Estonia), J. SUDBROCK (Darmstadt TU – Germany), W. KUZMICZ, W. PLESKACZ (Warsaw UT – Poland) [Paper] [Slides]
  Testing Logic Circuits for Transient Faults
S. KRISHNASWAMY, I. MARKOV, J. HAYES (University of Michigan - USA) [Paper] [Slides]
  A Novel Delay Fault Testing Methodology Using On-Chip Low-Overhead Delay Measurement Hardware at Strategic Probe Points
A. RAYCHOWDHURY, S. GHOSH, S. BHUNIA, D. GHOSH, K. ROY (Purdue University - USA) [Paper] [Slides]


Formal Session 5.b: SRAM Memory Testing
Room Omega
  Moderators: Y. ZORIAN (Virage Logic – USA), G. DINATALE (Politecnico di Torino – Italy)
  Resistive-Open Defect Influence in SRAM Pre-Charge Circuits: Analysis and Characterization
L. DILILLO, P. GIRARD, S. PRAVOSSOUDOVITCH, A. VIRAZEL (LIRMM - France), M. BASTIAN HAGE-HASSAN (Infineon Technologies - France) [Paper] [Slides]
  Automatic March Tests Generation for Static and Dynamic Faults in SRAMs
A. BOSIO, A.BENSO, S. DI CARLO, G. DI NATALE, P. PRINETTO (Politecnico di Torino - Italy) [Paper] [Slides]
  A Programmable Time Measurement Architecture for Embedded Memory Characterization
M. COLLINS, B. AL-HASHIMI, N. ROSS (University of Southampton - United Kingdom) [Paper] [Slides]
Poster Session 3
  Test Pattern Compression for Circuits with the RESPIN Architecture
O. NOVAK, J. ZAHRADKA (Technical University of Liberec – Czech Republic) [Paper]
  An Efficient Test Set Embedding Scheme with Reduced Test Data Storage and Test Sequence Length Requirements for Scan-based Testing
D. KASERIDIS, E. KALLIGEROS (University of Patras – Greece), X. KAVOUSIANOS (Univerisity of Ioannina – Greece), D. NIKOLOS (University of Patras – Greece) [Paper]
  Evolutionary Approach to Test Generation for Functional BIST
Y. A. SKOBTSOV (Donetsk National Technical University – Ukraine), D. IVANOV, V. Y. SKOBTSOV (NAS of Ukraine – Ukraine), R. J. UBAR, J. RAIK (Tallinn University of Technology – Estonia) [Paper]
  A Complex Approach to Digital RTL Circuit Testability - iFCoRT System
R. RUZICKA (Brno University of Technology – Czech Republic) [Paper]
  Impact of Circuit Realization on the Fault Coverage
E. BAREISA, V. JUSAS, K. MOTIEJUNAS, R. SEINAUSKAS (Kaunas University of Technology – Lithuania) [Paper]
  Reverse Order Restoration Based on Test Relaxation and Subsequence Merging for Efficient Static Compaction for Sequential Circuits
A. EL-MALEH, S. S. KHURSHEED, S. M. SAIT (King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals – Saudi Arabia) [Paper]
  A Cost-Effective Test Flow for Homogeneous Network-on-Chip: a Case Study
A. AMORY, E. BRIAO, E. COTA, M. LUBASZEWSKI (Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul – Brazil), F. MORAES (PUCRS – Brazil) [Paper]
  Modular and Rapid Testing of SOCs with Unwrapped Logic Blocks
Q. XU, N. NICOLICI (McMaster University – Canada) [Paper]
  Fault Diagnosis and Fault Model Aliasing
I. POMERANZ (Purdue University – USA), S. VENKATARAMAN (Intel Corp. – USA), S. REDDY (University of Iowa – USA) [Paper]
Session 6


Formal Session 6.a: Testing Regular Structures
Room Alfa
  Moderators: N. TOUBA (University of Texas at Austin – USA), H. FUJIWARA (Nara Institute of Science and Technology – Japan)
  Multiple errors produced by single upsets in FPGA configuration memory:a possible solution
M. VIOLANTE, M. SONZA REORDA, L. STERPONE (Politecnico di Torino - Italy) [Paper] [Slides]
  Fault Collapsing for Flash Memory Disturb Faults
M. MOHAMMAD, L. TERKAWI (Kuwait University – Kuwait) [Paper] [Slides]
  Low Power Embedded DRAMs with High Quality Error Correcting Capabilities
P. OEHLER (University of Innsbruck - Austria), S. HELLEBRAND (University of Paderborn - Germany) [Paper] [Slides]
Informal Session 6.b: Advances in Characterization and Diagnosis
Room Omega
  Moderators: M. KESSLER (IBM Labor Boeblingen – Germany), S. PRAVOSSOUDOVITCH (LIRMM – France)
  X-filter: A Novel Way of Removing the Effect of Unknowns in Output Response Compactors to Recover the Error Information
M. SHARMA, W.-T. CHENG (Mentor Graphics Corporation – USA) [Paper] [Slides]
  Sleep Modes - an Enabler for Full-Wafer Test
B. WEST (Credence Systems Corporation – USA) [Paper] [Slides]
  Embedded Characterization Technique for BGA Solder Joint Wear-Out with 1149.4 Mixed – Signal Test Bus Architecture
J. VOUTILAINEN, M. MOILANEN (University of Oulu - Finland) [Paper] [Slides]
Session 7


Session 7.a: Embedded Tutorial 1
Room Alfa
  Moderators: B. STRAUBE (Fraunhofer EAS/IIS – Germany), H. MANHAEVE (Q-Star Test nv – Belgium)
  Understanding Failure Mechanisms and Test Methods in Nanometer Technologies
J. SEGURA (Balearic Islands University - Spain), C. F. HAWKINGS (The University of New Mexico - USA)
Session 7.b: Embedded Tutorial 2
Room Omega
  Moderators: P. CAUVET (Philips Semiconductors – The Netherlands), S. BERNARD (Politecnico di Torino – Italy)
  CMOS Image Sensors and Optical Testing
P. MAXWELL (Agilent Technologies - USA)
Social Event
Wednesday, May 25
Session 8


Formal Session 8.a: Validation and Molecular Electronics
Room Alfa
  Moderators: J. ABRAHAM (University of Texas – USA), M. SONZA REORDA (Politecnico di Torino – Italy)
  Design Validation of Behavioral VHDL Descriptions for Arbitrary Fault Models
F. XIN, M. CIESIELSKI (University of Massachusetts - USA), I. HARRIS (University of California Irvine - USA) [Paper] [Slides]
  Coverage of Formal Properties based on a High-Level Fault Model and Functional ATPG
G. PRAVADELLI, F. FUMMI (University of Verona - Italy), F. TOTO (ST Microelectronics - Italy) [Paper] [Slides]
  Built-In Self-Test of Molecular Electronics-Based Nanofabrics
K.CHAKRABARTY, Z. WANG (Duke University - USA) [Paper]
Vendor Session 8.b
Room Omega
  Moderators: J.L. CARBONERO (FTM / CCDS / DM&T STMicroelectronics – France), R. ILLMAN (Cadence Design Foundry – UK)
  Current Testing for Nanotechnologies: A Demystifying Application Perspective
H. MANHAEVE (Q-Star Test – Belgium) [Paper] [Slides]
  High Speed I/O Test Challenges
B. WEST, M. LORANGER (Credence Systems Corporation – USA) [Paper] [Slides]
  High Throughput Scan Testing - A Novel Approach for Reducing Scan Test Time in Production
M. BRAUN, D.CHINDAMO, M.FISCHER (Agilent Technologies – Germany) [Paper] [Slides]
Poster Session 4
  RobOps - Arithmetic Operators for Future Technologies
C. LISBOA, L. CARRO, E. COTA (Universidade federal do Rio Grande do Sul – Brazil) [Paper]
  Memories with Robust Self Error Detection and Correction Invariant to Error Distributions
K. KULIKOWSKI, M. KARPOVSKY, A. TAUBIN (Boston University – USA) [Paper]
  Fast Observation Architecture for FPGA-based SEU Analysis
A. EJLALI, B. AL-HASHIMI (University of Southampton – UK), S. G. MIREMADI (Sharif University of Technology – Iran) [Paper]
  Testing Superconductor Logic Integrated Circuits
A. JOSEPH, H. KERKHOFF (MESA+ Institute for Nanotechnology – The Netherlands) [Paper]
  Test Data Compression Method through Encoding Necessary Specified Bits
Y. SHI, S. KIMURA, N. TOGAWA, M. YANAGISAWA, T. OHTSUKI (Waseda University – Japan) [Paper]
  Linear automata testing subject to uncertainty of observed reactions
D. SPERANSKIY (Saratov State University – Russia) [Paper]
  Efficient At-Speed Interconnect BIST and Diagnosis Framework
A. JUTMAN (Tallinn University of Technology – Estonia) [Paper]
  An integrated environment for P1500 compliance checking
C. TIBALDI, P. PRINETTO, A. BENSO (Politecnico di Torino – Italy), Y. ZORIAN (Virage Logic – USA) [Paper]
Session 9


Formal Session 9.a: Fault Diagnosis and Memory Test
Room Alfa
  Moderators: E. VAN GEEST (Philips Electronic Design & Tools – The Netherlands), J.M. VRIGNAUD (ATMEL - France)
  Convolutional compaction-driven diagnosis of scan failures
J. TYSZER (Poznan University of Technology – Poland), G. MRUGALSKI (Mentor Graphics Corporation – USA), A. POGIEL (Poznan University of Technology – Poland), J. RAJSKI, C. WANG (Mentor Graphics Corporation – USA) [Paper] [Slides]
  Stuck-Open Fault Diagnosis with Stuck-At Model
X. FAN, W. MOORE (Oxford University – UK), C. HORA, G. GRONTHOUD (Phlips Research – The Netherlands) [Paper] [Slides]
  Thermal Measurements on Memory Modules
G. EGGERS, M. CARMONA, A. LEGEN, A. WOLTER, T. HUBER (Infineon Technologies AG - Germany) [Paper] [Slides]
Informal Session 9.b: Dedicated Test Resources
Room Omega
  Moderators: G. CARLSSON (Ericsson – Sweden), W. ANHEIER (University of Bremen – Germany)
  Silicon-based System-in-Package accelerates the development of new test technologies and methodologies
P. CAUVET, C. KELMA (Philips Semiconductors – The Netherlands) [Slides]
  Yield Prediction and Evaluation for Embedded SRAM and Memory System Compilers
K. ALEKSANYAN, V. VARDANIAN (Virage Logic – Armenia), Y. ZORIAN (Virage Logic – USA) [Paper]
Y. LI, G. RUSSELL, H. BAHR (University of Newcastle upon Tyne – UK) [Paper] [Slides]
Session 10


Session 10.a: Embedded Tutorial 3
Room Alfa
  Moderators: A. RICHARDSON (Lancaster University - UK), Z. KOTASEK (Brno University of Technology – Czech Republic)

Testing of MEMS-based Microsystems
H. G. KERKHOFF (MESA+ Institute for Nanotechnology – The Netherlands)


Session 10.b: Embedded Tutorial 4
Room Omega
  Moderators: M.L. FLOTTES (LIRMM – France), O. NOVAK (Technical University of Liberec – Czech Republic)

From Embedded Test to Embedded Diagnosis
H.-J. WUNDERLICH (University of Stuttgart - Germany)
Session 11


Formal Session 11: SOC Testing and Secure IC
Room Alfa
  Moderators: B. ROUZEYRE (LIRMM – France), E. LARSSON (Linköping University – Sweden)
  Test Control for Secure Scan Designs
D. HELY (ST Microelectronics/ LIRMM – France), M.-L. FLOTTES (LIRMM – France), F. BANCEL (ST Microelectronics – France) , B. ROUZEYRE (LIRMM – France) [Paper] [Slides]
  Time-Multiplexed Test Data Decompression Architecture for Core-Based SOCs with Improved Utilization of Tester Channels
A. KINSMAN, N. NICOLICI (McMaster University – Canada) [Paper] [Slides]
  Exploiting an Infrastructure IP to reduce the costs of memory diagnosis in SoCs
P. BERNARDI, M. GROSSO, M. SONZA REORDA, M. REBAUDENGO (Politecnico di Torino - Italy) [Paper] [Slides]


Closing Session
Room Alfa
  Formal Category