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Camera Ready - Embedded Tutorials
1. Paper Formatting
  • Final paper must be SIX pages long + additional pages (up to 2 pages for 100€ each)
  • Paper must be in the IEEE proceedings two-column format (A4 size). You can find here the templates provided by IEEE.
  • Do not include page numbers in your paper
  • Do not include copyright footer information
  • The deadline for camera ready and copyright form upload is April 2nd 2012
2. PDF Check and Upload:
  • Papers must be both checked for pdf compatibility and uploaded via the new IEEE PDF eXpress PLUS tools.
  • The PDF eXpress site can be accessed here, by using ets12xp as conference id.
  • Once the paper has been checked (you will be notified by an email), please access again the PDF eXpress Plus and click on the "Approve for Collection" link.
  • Be careful: without clicking the "Approve for Collection" link, the Publication Chair will not receive your PDF file.
  • If you are having problems using PDF Express Plus, please contact the Publication Chair.
3. Copyright Form:
    Please fill the following fields and follow the instructions given in the next pages.
    Paper Title:
    Contact Author's Email:
    Copyright type:
    All authors are employed by a Crown government (UK, Canada, and Australia)
    All authors are employed by the US government
    Regular copyright
    Send Copyright Form

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