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ETS'12 will produce two publications:
  • Electronic Formal Proceedings - with ISBN number, and to be indexed in IEEE Xplore and other bibliographical search engines. The Formal Proceedings will contain the pdf files of papers accepted as regular papers and posters and will be delivered on-site at ETS'12 to all attendees of the symposium.
  • Electronic Informal Digest of Papers - The Electronic Informal Digest will be delivered on-site at ETS'12 and distributed to all attendees of the symposium. It will contain the pdf files of papers accepted as posters, as well as those of workshop-type papers, vendor session papers and other types of accepted submissions if made available by the authors. After the symposium it will also be completed with pdfs of the corresponding presentations, if made available for the attendee by the presenters.
In addition, the authors of the best contributions will be invited to submit an extended version of the paper to "IEEE Design and Test of Computers" and to the "Journal of Electronic Testing: Theory and Applications" (JETTA), published by Springer.

Submission Categories and Review Criteria
ETS'12 distinguishes a number of submissions categories. Different submission categories have different review (and hence, acceptance) criteria. Submissions to a particular category will be judged on the criteria of that category and compete for acceptance against the other proposals in that category. It is acceptable to send one submission to multiple categories. At submission, select which categories the submission should be considered in. It is not possible to submit to one category, and get accepted in another category. Hence, if you are planning to submit to ETS'12, please carefully select your submission category(ies).

We distinguish the following paper submission categories:
  • Regular Papers - Regular papers should present novel and complete research work, supported by experimental results.
  • Workshop-type Papers - These papers include emerging idea papers, case study/best practice papers, and open issue papers.
  • Vendor Session Papers - These technical marketing papers focus on new features of test-related products
In addition, ETS'12 considers the following submissions:
  • Special Sessions - Proposals for panel sessions, embedded tutorials, and other special sessions.
  • Doctoral Student Contest - Proposals summarizing the work of PhD students who are in their later phase of the thesis elaboration or recent graduates who obtained their PhD in 2009 or later.

Acceptance/Rejection Notification
Members of the ETS'12 Program Committee, all experts in test technology, will review your submission. Your submission will be reviewed according to the description of its submission category. At the TPC meeting early in February 2012, accept and reject decisions will be taken, of which you will be notified by February 17th, 2012. You will also receive the review ratings for and comments on your submission.

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