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Special Sessions
Special Sessions include proposals for panel sessions, embedded tutorials, and other special sessions.
Proposers of Special Sessions are assumed to be able and willing to serve as organizers of the session, i.e., contact speakers, moderators, etc.
Special Session organizers can also be speaker or moderator in their own proposal.
  • Embedded Tutorials: ETS 2012 is looking for 1-hour embedded tutorials covering advanced aspects relevant for the test community. Proposal are solicited in the following categories:
    • Emerging topics, i.e., tutorial covering innovative methods and techniques that have been recently developed to face new test-related problems, or to anticipate issues that will become popular in the near future.
    • Cross topics, i.e., topics that, although "border line" for the test community, have, or are going to have, a significant impact on test research/development/application/ implementation activities.
  • Panel Discussion - You may propose a 90-minute session where a panel consisting of 3 to 4 experts present their views and debate on a topic of interest to the test community. Purely technical and semi-technical topics are both acceptable.

Submission Process
Submissions consisting of 1-page abstracts are accepted.

  • Submission deadline: January 27th 2012
  • Notification of acceptance: February 17th 2012

    Only electronic submission of PDF files via the paper submission page of the ETS'12 web site are accepted.

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