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Welcome Reception
The Welcome Reception will take place on Monday May 28th 2012, 19h00 at Imperial Palace (The Conference Venue).

Social Event
The Social Event and the Conference Dinner will take place on Wednesday, May 30th 2012. The Social Event will start with either Montrottier Castle visit or with a Gorges of Fier hike (attendees have to select their choice at online registration time).
First Option
Montrottier Medieval Castle

Visit (20km from Annecy)

A guided tour of the castle will take you through the medieval history of Savoy.

The Pentagonal fortress whose plan is arranged around a cylindrical tower with battlements was built between 13th - 15th Century.

The Castle houses remarkable collection of furniture, pottery, lace, weapons, rare objects and many other ancient objects

Second Option
Gorges of Fier

Hike (20km from Annecy)

The Fier river is one of the most important rivers in the Haut Savoy region.

During ages the river has carved out one of the most magnificent example of erosion by running water, considered to be one of the natural wonders of the Alps. The hike takes about 60 minutes.

If you choose this option, please be aware of the followings:
  • This activity is not suited to people suffering of vertigo or claustrophobia.
  • Sport shoes or hiking shoes are highly recommended
  • In case of bad weather, this activity could be canceled.
  • Eagles-Falcons Show
    (all together)
    Symposium Dinner

    Finally, the Symposium Dinner will take place at the Palace of Menthon, a beautiful restaurant that benefits of its unique view on the Annecy Lake.

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