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Workshop-type Papers
Workshop-type papers include emerging idea papers, case study/best practice papers, and open issue papers.
  • Emerging idea papers should present novel ideas not necessarily supported by extensive experimental results.
  • Case study/best practice papers should present extensive experimental results of circuits, methods, or tools which by themselves are not necessarily novel.
  • Open issue papers describe relevant problems that have important industrial impacts for which effective solutions are still missing.
If accepted for oral presentation in front of a full audience, you are invited to prepare a final manuscript of a maximum of 6 A4 pages + additional pages (up to 2 pages for 100€ each) for inclusion in the Electronic Informal Digest of Papers.

Submission Process
Submissions consisting of Abstracts or Extended Abstracts only are accepted, for a minimum of two pages up to a maximum of six pages.
Paper submissions should be formatted as close as possible to the final format: A4 pages, a maximum of six pages, double column, single spaced, Times or equivalent font of minimum 10pt.
The IEEE templates to be used when preparing the paper can be found here.

By means of their submission, authors agree to register for and participate in ETS'12, in case their submission is accepted for oral presentation.

  • Abstract Submission deadline: December 5th 2011
  • PDF Submission deadline: December 12th 2011
  • Notification of acceptance: February 17th 2012
  • Final manuscript: April 2nd 2012

    All submissions should be original and previously unpublished. Only electronic submission of PDF files via the paper submission page of the ETS'12 web site are accepted.

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